Our Team-
The Unique Spirit of Rayzone

We are intelligence experts, we are ex – special forces agents, innovators, creators, perfectionists and techies. We are friends and colleagues – but above all we are one team. One team of diverse people who care about our customers and care about protecting the world from harm.

Just like no two investigations are alike, no two Rayzone Group employees are alike, and that is what makes our company stand apart from our peers.

Our Collective Experience

Rayzone Group’s interdisciplinary team, comprised of experts in relevant fields, in-house engineers, and former special operations officers, creates revolutionary systems that respond to everchanging customer needs and designs tailored solutions for pinpointed challenges.
We fully commit to complete transparency, true partnership and a can-do attitude - our essential elements in each one of our many diverse engagements with a wide array of customers.

Sectors We Empower

Financial Institutions

Rayzone Group supports financial institutions and tax authorities in their fight against money laundering, financial terrorism, and tax fraud through monitoring of financial transactions.

Law Enforcement

Rayzone Group provides law enforcement with the appropriate tools and processes to efficiently prevent and investigate organized crime and terrorist activities in the face of rapidly evolving communications technology.

Customs & Narcotics

We assist border control and drugs enforcement authorities in tackling narcotics trafficking and international smuggling of illegal goods.

National Security

Rayzone Group empowers authorities and intelligence agencies worldwide in gathering analyzing and sharing intelligence insights among partners with respect to criminals and targets that constitute a threat to national security.

Public Safety

We partner with national agencies worldwide to ensure public safety and order, prevent crime and protect citizens and civil servants through groundbreaking intelligence solutions which consistently turn aggregated data into actionable insights.